News · 15 June, 2019

Márton Dina, second overall in the Vuelta a Hungría after a great climb to Kekesteto in which Juan Pedro López shines

40th Tour of Hungary Stage 4: Karcag – Kekesteto (138 km) The Tour of Hungary arrived this Saturday at Kekesteto, the roof of the country at just over 1,000 metres above sea level, and in its wooded skirts a Kometa Cycling Team once again shone with its own light, which was resisted by the victory,…

News · 15 June, 2019

The best images of the 3rd stage of the Hungary Tour

News · 14 June, 2019

Truce in the prelude to the premier stage with plenty of preparation for the sprint options

40th Tour of Hungary Stage 3a: Kazincbarcika – Tiszafüred (115 km). Stage 3b: Tiszafüred – Hajduszoboszlo (65 km). Truce in the Magyar plains in a day much more charged than usual by the dispute of a double sector after whose dispute the general remains with the Latvian Krists Neilands (Israel) in command and three riders…

News · 14 June, 2019

The best images of the 2nd stage of the Hungary Tour

News · 13 June, 2019

Juan Pedro López, protagonist in Bukk mountains that consolidate the strength of the Kometa and the role of Márton Dina

40th Tour of Hungary Stage 2: Balassagyarmat – Miskolc (201 km) The longest stage of this Vuelta a Hungría had a vibrant pulse with the general fight on the horizon where the Kometa Cycling Team was one of the key players through Juan Pedro López. The passage through the scenic Bukk mountains, summits of rounded…

News · 13 June, 2019

The best images of the 1st stage of the Hungary Tour

News · 12 June, 2019

Stefano Oldani finishes seventh in Esztergom, where Márton Dina remains as the first Hungarian in the general

40th Tour of Hungary Stage 1: Velence-Esztergom (194 km) Very well placed in the curve prior to the last 200 meters of straight that were going to die at the feet of the majestic cathedral of San Adalberto, among the top five, Stefano Oldani was once again protagonist in the fight for the first victory…

News · 12 June, 2019

The best images of the prologue of the Hungary Tour

News · 11 June, 2019

Great start to the Kometa in Siofok: six cyclists in the top-20 and Márton Dina, first Hungarian in the general classification

40th Tour of Hungary Prologue: Siofok-Siofok (4 km CRI) In the big goal of the season, some very brilliant first pedals. The Kometa Cycling Team started on Tuesday its participation in the Tour of Hungary with an outstanding group performance in the prologue against the clock disputed in Siofok. On four practically flat kilometers, six…

News · 9 June, 2019

A revamped Tour of Hungary arrives, great objective of the season and stage for Márton Dina’s debut

40thTour de Hongrie From 11 to 16 June Less than a year later, the big goal of the season. The Tour de Hongrie will start next Tuesday 11 June with a prologue that will concretize the change of dates promoted for this season by the organisation of the Magyar event. From August to June, a…

News · 4 June, 2019

Pello Olaberria and the fundamental figure of the cycling´s masseur

There is an almost invisible, but fundamental cyclist class; a necessary role, far from the spotlights, so basic that it supports the whole structure and it would be unthinkable without its presence and action. They are, yes, the auxiliaries. They do everything from massaging to driving when they don’t stow loads or victualling in a…

News · 27 May, 2019

Márton Dina, new rider of the Kometa Cycling Team

The Hungarian rider Márton Dina will reinforce the squad of the Kometa Cycling Team from the next June 1st, as announced this Monday in Budapest in an event attended by Giacomo Pedranzini, CEO of Kometa, and Ivan Basso, sports manager of the team. The Magyar cyclist, who celebrated his 23rd birthday on April 11, stands…

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