Isaac Cantón

Age 23
Height (cm) 178
Weight (kg) 61


Lives in Argamasilla de Alba (Ciudad Real). He is the second of three brothers (Fabián and Eleazar). He has finished ESO and has an Intermediate Degree in Gastronomy. He started cycling thanks to his father, José, a traditional cyclist, who took him to see the races in the towns near Argamasilla. He started as a second year cadet in the Club Ciclista de Tomelloso, where he competed in the last seven races of the season. The following year he decided to definitively change football for cycling and signed up for Fenavin in Ciudad Real. He spent his second junior year in the Castle of Onda and continued in the Infisport, from where he arrived at the Fundación Alberto Contador. He is a runner who stands out for his regularity and his good performance in the laps by stages. He adapts to all types of terrain and is also a good time trialist. He has spent the first two seasons as a U23 at Gorka Beloki’s Infisport and in 2017 he fulfilled his dream of becoming a professional at Polartec-Kometa. In 2016 he was proclaimed champion of route sub23 of Castilla La Mancha and in 2017 he got the National Championship sub23.


  • 2018
    • 24º / Campeonatos de España de Ciclismo
    • 11º / Tercera etapa del Tour de Antalya
  • 2017
    • / Campeonato de España Sub23
    • / Natxitua
  • 2016
    • / Campeonato Castilla la Mancha Sub23
    • / Memorial Sabin Foruria, Lehendakari
    • / Campeonato España CRI
    • / Campeonato España Ruta
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