Juan Camacho

Age 24
Height (cm) 188
Weight (kg) 77


His father, Juan, came to do some training with the Club Ciclista Torrejón, but did not continue for lack of support. He has always gone out with the group of Moral de Calatrava, where he made his debut to his son with 7 years. One day they went together to see a school race to Almagro, Juan liked it and joined the Club Ciclista Valdepeñas, where he ran up to cadets. His first junior year was spent at Fenavin in Ciudad Real and the second at Castillo de Onda, until he signed up with the Fundación Alberto Contador in his first year under23. Juan is a predator who is attracted by the classics and the tests against the clock. His power and his physique help him to maintain a good position in the group and also to lend a hand to his teammates when they need it. Spanish runner-up against the clock in 2014, was selected for the World Championships in Ponferrada, where he made a more than worthy classification (eighteenth) in his first year as sub23. Since he finished Selectividad he decided to focus on cycling. He studies English and does not rule out studying any discipline related to sport in the future. Juan has a five-year-old sister, María, and has lived with her family in Ocaña for eight years. During the winter he likes to go out with the group on the mountain bike. Her dream would be to win a European or a World time trial.


  • 2018
    • / International Tour of Rhodes 2.2, stage 3
    • / Tour de Normandie, stage 2
    • / Segunda etapa del Tour de Normandía
    • / Tercera etapa del Tour de Rodas
    • 11º / International Rhodes Grand Prix
  • 2017
    • / Ontur
    • / Campeonato de España CRI
    • / 3ª etapa Vuelta a Galicia
  • 2016
    • / 1ª etapa Vuelta a Palencia
    • / 4ª etapa Vuelta a Palencia
    • / Trofeo Ayto de Zamora
    • / CRI Vuelta a Leon
    • / 2ª etapa Vuelta a Avila
  • 2015
    • / 1ª etapa Vuelta a Sevilla
    • / 2ª General Vuelta a Sevilla
    • / Campeonato de España CRI
  • 2014
    • / Campeonato de España CRI
    • / General Memorial Sanroma
    • / Etapa 1 Memorial Sanroma
    • / Etapa 2 Memorial Sanroma
    • 18º / Campeonato del Mundo CRI
  • 2013
    • / Campeonato de España contrareloj
    • / Cervera de Pisuerga (Copa de España)
    • / Alsasua
    • / Cto. Cantabro
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